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Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Birthday Pictures!

See?!?!?! I TOLD you I would get the pictures from my birthday!! Here they are! The first pictures is from before I got my gifts, of A and my sister outside with me, playing catch the rope. They poked holes in my gifts, so I smelled the treats and helped them bring them out of the dumb paper stuff they wrapped them in. Dumb humans. Wrapping it?!?!! I mean, come on, I'm gonna open it and eat them no matter what they do to keep them away from me. Anyway, I just had to post the pictures. Bye!!!


Gudl said...

With these photos you really get an insight on how your birthday went.
M and A are really nice girls!
You have a good family and home, Abby!

Boomer said...

wow! you had a good birthday! My birthday is coming up, but my family doesn't really care. :-( I usually get an extra slice of ham or something. A gets me things though. The problem is, she has to get soemthing for Lady too, or else she gets jealous. I get jealous too, when she gets something and I don't. Oh well. Glad you had a good birthday! You're Boomie.

I told mommy to bring your present to your house when she comes. :-)

Maggie said...

I'm back!!! it looks like you had a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My humans don't know when my birthday is =( so i don't get anything.

Abby said...

I'm glad to see you back, Maggie!! That stinks that you don't know your birthday! I love mine! Tell your humans to buy you something!

Germanone93 said...

Don't go on the old heidelberg website. Some computers with less protection got a trojan horse from that website. Just warning you.

Abby said...

Ok, I won't, thank you germanone!