This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day!......A Walk in the Woods....90 posts!

Hey, guys! I'm really sorry I haven't posted, there is no excuse for that, just laziness, and I'm ashamed...

Happy Mommy's Day to all the mommy's out there, human AND dog! I was thinking, what about doggies? Do dog-mom's get to celebrate Mom's day?!? I don't know my doggy mom....did she look like this? Or was that my dad? Or did she look like THIS? Or was THAT my dad? Or maybe they were both already mixed dogs, or one of them was a mix, and they had those two breeds in them? Or am I three breeds? I really don't know.... I wish I did, though. All my humans know is that before they got me, when I was a year old, I had been in two families. The first family brought me to a shelter, another person picked me up, didn't like me, and brought me back to the same shelter. When I had left the shelter the first time, my name was Liberty, the second time I went back to it, my name was Abby....I like Abby a lot more. It's cuter.

Anyway, in honor of Mother's day we (my mom, dad, and human bro) went for a walk in our woods.....and the horse. This caused a problem, see, at the beginning of the walk I wasn't on the leash and I, just for fun, ran up to the horse and barked and pretended to bite her. Of course I COULDN'T bite her, but I pretended. Well, my humans yelled at me in that most annoying way, but I blew it off and did it again, and where did that get me?!? On the leash! Do you see me in the picture?! Notice the leash? (that's my human brother holding me)....well, it ruined the walk. It was still nice, but so not cool....I cropped out me from that picture because I had this adorable face on, so here it is:

Now I must go...I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and I hope you guys have a great week to come! Bye!

Oh, by the way, from now on the time that the post is posted will not be the real time, because I can't change the time to what it is or else blogger will think it's a scheduled post time thing even though it isn't...right now it's really 6:08 PM, just so you know. :D

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sorry I Was Gone

I am back, dear puppies! I'm so very sorry that I haven't been on---in truth, I've been lazy, with spring being here now, I've been running away, making my mom drive around looking for me, making people angry, all the jazz, you know? It's a ton of fun. Anyway, on Monday this past week I went and the vet took out my stitches, so no more lampshade, no more painful paw. All that's left for evidence of my procedure is some shaved off hair. I've been living the life lately, like I said. I've also been dutifully chasing the cats, going on walks...which, by the way, aren't as fun anymore because my mom won't let me off the leash because I 'run away'...I don't get it, humans can go wherever they like to go, and no one stops them, far as I know, which isn't very far, I guess. Maybe it's because dogs don't bother to go to a room designated for going potty, and my mom doesn't want me to 'litter' on other people's property...I guess I could understand that...I guess....

The first picture is of me in a stream at our house. They are flowing wonderfully, and I'm planning an attack for one of the next hot days---I lay down in the stream and make mom totally mad...even if I'm on the leash, I can still cause trouble. Brilliant, huh? Especially since she payed money for me to get a bath at the vet...I'm just awesome...anyway, the second is taken today, yes, today, very recent, of me rolling in the clean, cool grass. I <3>