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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can you believe it? Cats can talk, too! Darn it. They always get ahead of us(dogs).
Watch video

Hi, dogs! Guess what I found! Proof that cats are dumb! Here is a hilarious video from YouTube. I hope you like it. I loved it! Enjoy!
P.S. If you click on the "YouTube" logo-thing in the corner of the screen you can see more funny cat videos.

Ok, people, I've been tagged(by Sherman). I've never been tagged before, so I hope I do this right. I have to name five reasons why I like blogging:
1. I like to meet other doggy friends
2. I get to post cute pictures of me and other doggies
3. I get to show humans the dumb things they do(hehehehe)
4. I gives me something to do and reasons to get pictures taken of my [cute]self
5. My doggy friends and I get to make fun of all the crazy things our feline " companions" do
Now I will tag Patch and Sydney.

I hope I did this right.....if not, please tell me how to fix it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi, everyone! Sorry about having to make a new post, but the writing didn't come out with the video(which I hope you liked). I don't know that many tricks, so....I only know sit, give-paw, lie down, lay back, and jump(which in my lingo is up-up). I don't know as much as Boomer....:'-( ....He knows a lot of cool tricks. He's so smart....ANYWAY(ignore that last line,will ya?)...I don't listen to the stuff my sister says. She does the same routine every time, so I gave up listening. I think she still says that stuff just to make me look good(which makes her look bad, because I don't listen.) Oh, well. I have to go. So, um, as always, bye!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Me putting up with the flower(grrrrrr)
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Me showing you how the flower is staying on my head(pretty tricky, huh?!)
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Me wishing the flower was off my head
Mommy made me pose with this flower yesterday because today is my sister and my dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday! My sister is now 12 and my dad is.....well, lets just say he is older today. That flower was pretty scary. Mommy stuck it in my collar(second picture) and made me get confused. She tried to put it in my mouth at first, but I didn't like the taste of that stem. As you can see, I put up with it for a while( see last picture), but I was grateful to get it off. I do look pretty cute though, I must say so myself. I don't understand why my birthday isn't such a big deal! I mean, on my birthday(August 8th) I just get an extra treat and my life goes on! No big celebration!(though my sister got me three pig ears last year and some special dog treats) My mommy normally gives me something small, like a new collar or something, but collars are dumb because I wear them behind my head and I can't even see it! Ugh! I'm going to wish for a new dog bed this year.(hint, hint, mommy) Anyway,
Also, Happy Birthday to whoever else who reads this post today and has a birthday......

Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is April again. I get the honor every once in a while of giving her a doggy-back ride (and what an honor it is....NOT) . The first picture is an aerial view of the ride, and the second is her "quick escape", which, let me point out, didn't work because of my sister's hand being there to guard the little thing. The humans find it quite amusing to put her on my back and ooh and aah over me( that part is the best). They should give me a human-back ride sometime and see how it feels! As I mentioned in the other post, mommy gets scared that I'll eat her, but I don't find any point in doing that because she's just a little, fat, hairy thing that stuffs her food in her little cheeks and eats like a pig.......THAT is what I find entertaining to watch! Why do humans spend money on them anyway? We dogs are MUCH cuter! I mean, she stores her food in a corner, instead of eating it. She sleeps all day (okay, so do I on some days). And at night she runs on a metal wheel like her life depends on it! Man, if I spoke Hamster, I'd tell her to get a life! She keeps me up all night! All she does is cost money.... those brainless humans. Anyway, I have to go to bed now while she's still sleeping and being quiet. That is, unless she got up early! I hope not. I need some sleep! Good night!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mommy gave me a bone today! As you can see by the pictures, I love my bones. When I get one I drool all over my sister's floor and get her carpet all red and sticky with the red stuff in the middle. That's why mommy gave me my bone outside today. My sister thinks it's weird that I like the bones so much, but come on, I'm a dog! Besides( sorry Boomer, I'm borrowing your new saying), what do humans know, anyway? I wonder where mommy gets them. She just leaves the house and when she comes back she has them. She doesn't work for them, not like me, who went out and took the life of a squirrel, only to have it taken from me moments afterward(grrrrrrrrr). Humans are so lazy! Well, my dad does go out and hunt those big animals in the woods. He always wanted one with a horn on it's head, but whats the point of that? He can't eat the horn!! So why try so hard to get one with a horn? Humans seriously need to stop and think sometime! Why is it that my posts always end up about humans being dumb? I need to get off that subject. Ummmmm.......Mommy took me walking today! The only thing missing was another dog, like say, oh, Boomer? I miss him so much. You must wonder what we do when we're together. Well, when I come I lay on the floor facing his beaut-I mean- face and stare into his gorgeo-I mean....have a staring contest...right. Then we go walking and I run at his heels and try to nip him. It's wonderful.........Anyway, then we lie down near one another and take naps. Oh the beauty of it all......Oops!! I did not say that! Wasn't me! Nope, not me! I didn't say all that about handso-I mean-Boomer. I better go, before I say too much, so bye!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I went looking for that squirrel today, 'cause my mommy said it probably wasn't dead....darn it. I must have scared those squirrels a lot though because there haven't been any at the little wooden houses filled with stuff the last few days. Thinking about how that squirrel must taste made me drool(first picture). So, I started looking( second picture)around where I had my war with the little creature, but it wasn't there. I searched and searched, but after a long five minutes (I'm a tad on the lazy side) I gave up. What shame. I've heard humans say to others to never give up, but I had a milk bone waiting for me in the house, so I went for the snack that was already there. Why work for better food when you have good food already? I mean seriously! Humans do that sometimes, but they're not very smart as I've learned, or, as [my beloved] Boomer would say, "what do they know?". They should follow a dogs advice. We're smarter then them anyway(like all you dogs don't know that already!) I mean, on one paw, if dogs had humans as pets we wouldn't put food in the world that would give our humans kidney failure would we? (see last post) Then again, one the other paw, I don't know if we would give our humans food at all. Humans think there so great anyway, they can get there own food! Ha! That would teach them! Anyway, I have to go.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



This is my sister's hamster, April, who lives in our room(yes we share a room). She's really cool to watch, but man, at night she makes a lot of noise. Running on her wheel, trying to escape....all in a nights work for her. Yesterday my sister cleaned her cage and put her in this one while she worked. That hamster goes nuts in that cage. She loves it!! Watching her makes me as excited as a human who just watched their favorite team of football players win a game. She's so energetic!! I think she thinks that if she runs fast enough she'll break out of the cage. Ha, ha, she doesn't know that that won't work!!! Sometimes my sister puts her on my back and makes me walk her around. Mommy always gets scared that I'll bite her, but I admit, I'm too scared to do such a thing. I understand why mommy thinks that, seeing as I killed a helpless squirrel this morning. It was so tempting!! I couldn't control the urge to hunt. I sound like a mean beast now, don't I? It's only the second time in six years! Ok, I guess saying that made it even worse. And mommy yelled at me for it! He might not even be dead! I'm so mean! I'm horrible! How could I do such a thing????!! I have to go punish myself. Good-bye.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I rolled the other day(notice the mud streak one my face). It just so happens that it's very muddy this time of year and I happen to like mud. I am always called a dirty dog when I come in muddy, and in the summer my sister gives me a bath, but I hate bathes. That's why this is the best time of year to roll, because it's too cold for a shower outside. I don't get what's so bad about mud (or the other 'stuff' I roll in). The humans act like it's a crime to get down 'n dirty in the stuff that smells good. Well, it smells good to me, at least. I always tend to roll again after a bath in the summer, so there's no point in that, either. Once again I am lead into thinking that human's never seem to think rationally. Have a nice evening everyone! I have to see if I can beg my mommy into giving me a pig ear. Pigs are so good! Bye!

Thank you Lucia for telling me that a "big, loud thing that sucks dirt up" is called a Vacuum Cleaner.(new addition to my vocab.)
Please see new Vocab. list on the side of this page. It shows all the new words people tell me and it will be updated everytime a new word is learned. Thanks!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted!!! This is where I've been lying the last few days. Under the table. Sometimes I lie right by my mom's feet to bug her and get her to pet me. Doesn't always work, but that's a tip for all the dogs out there. It's also nice and dark under there which makes it very good for sleeping. You also get to all the crumbs that fall. At the time that this picture was taken I was taking a very well diserved nap, not that there is any nap that is undiserved, but......
The only problem with napping there is that the big, loud thing that sucks dirt up comes there to clean up my hair and I always have to run away. What's the point, anyway?? I'm just going to make it hairy again!!! Humans do the dumbest things....... Anyway, I'll try to post again soon!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Isn't this sad??? This is what cats do all day!! Lie around and be lazy! Her name is Freckles and she sleeps all day. She gets all the good spots!! She's allowed on the couches, beds, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere! I'm allowed in my cage and on the floor. That's it! Lucky cat! She also enjoys eating. Her nick-name is "fat-cat" by the humans. Serves her right! She's kind-of funny looking, but the humans love her. All she does is act dumb and she gets their full attention!! The second picture is what she looks like when she discovers that my sister has been taking pictures of her. She's so tidy, too. She actually washes her hands in the water bowl after she uses the litterbox! She tries to play with me and lie under my belly sometimes, but I politely ignore her. Such a pest......Anyway,bye!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted! My dog days have been really busy! Mostly chasing these little creatures away from the house. They're so selfish! They come and steal from the little wooden houses and don't even say say "thank you"! I'm not even that rude! (Not that I am rude)....I wonder what's in those houses, anyway. They go nuts about them! The little flying things, or whatever they're called, come too, but they're more polite about taking things. The cat takes care of them.....Oh no!! What if one of the creatures comes back! Uh oh, gotta go!!! Bye!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

This is the scene my family came home to last week, 'cause there's this thing called the litterbox upstairs and when I'm alone at home I grab a snack (it's all very tasty and free!). Last time I tried that though I got my head stuck in the top and had to fight the evil thing all the way down the stairs!!! In the process of getting the top off I knocked over a lamp and table, a candle (see right corner of picture), and lost all the hinges to the darn thing! Man I learned my lesson! Quote of the day: Never challenge a litterbox, it'll only win!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The top picture is what I look like when I wait to be let in. I sit and wait all alone, in the cold. When my family goes somewhere I sit the same way inside by the window watching them drive away. This is how I sat yesterday when my Mom and sister went to TCBS. I waited, lying in my cage (second picture) and whining until they came back. My cage is like my bed. It's were I sleep at night and were I am lying when my sister's clock starts making a lot of noise, causing me to groan ever so loudly. At this point she calls me a pesimist and gets up to get ready for school. Dumb clock.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

As she promised my sister went out and took photos of me playing in the snow yesterday. The first picture is kind-of funny looking, but the second one is a little better. I was trying to get her to chase me, but she just kept on taking pictures with that funny little camera and telling me to sit and stay and to look at her. If she wants people to see me she should just plan a big party, duh! I should probably remind her to invite Boomer, her cousin's dog. Handsome Boomer, with his cute long ears, fuzzy face, funny personality, great athletic-I mean, um, did I just type all of that??? Just don't tell him, okay. Not a word. I mean it. Anyway, today was a good day. My sister went to that place to learn stuff again, so I lay in the sun and went for a walk with mom. More pictures coming.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Today is what the humans call a "snow day", which I don't understand because it's really not snowing that hard! Anyway, it means that my human sister doesn't need to go somewhere all day and learn stuff. That makes her happy. I'm most likely going to spend all day watching the birds on the feeders. My sister wants to go take pictures of me today so hopefully we have new pictures tomorrow. This picture was most likely taken just before I chased after a squirrel in the woods.

Monday, March 5, 2007

This is me, Abby. This is the first post so my human sister doesn't really know what she's doing yet so hang in here. In the picture I look like I have huge ears, but in "real life" they're much nicer. I hung out around the house today. There was really bad weather, so I just lay around and napped in front of the fireplace all day. It was wonderful. More pictures tomarrow.