This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Help end world hunger
Hey, Guys! Just dropping by to say, CHECK THIS OUT!
Play on Free Rice whenever you're board-it's kinda fun, and it feeds people, too! AWESOME!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Still Alive

Hello, Pups! I have no excuse for not having posted since Mommy's day...All I can say is that I'm sorry. I am still alive, just have been too lazy to slide myself into the computer chair and make a post.
I DO have to wish my human Mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're another year older! YEY! ;-) I hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll try not to roll in smelly stuff and get dirty, just for today...and, what the heck, I'll through tomorrow in, too, for good measure.

I'm sorry to say it guys, but I think I have to kind of quit this blog. I'm not deleting it, but don't expect a post often. I'm sorry to do this to you...but I have to. I'll still post sometimes, and I'll read your blogs...