This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The deck is a great place to go sun-bathing. Seriously, the warm sun shining down on me, warming me and making me feel at peace. Ok, so now I sound like a hippie. But really, it is so cool ( I mean hot). I get to lie there and dream about Boomer, and after a while my sister always comes to give me a tummy-rub. It is wonderful. That is what I did today, too. My mom and sister went off to see that darn horse after school ( I ended up NOT getting a tummy-rub) and left me here! There were more workers here putting electricity and running water in the barn, so the noise messed-up my sun-bathing a little. When daddy came home I lay down by the side of the house and kept watch down the driveway for mommy to come home. You see, my humans didn't have anyone to guard the house while mommy was away, so I took it upon myself that this was my job. I lie there, and if it is someone I know driving to the house, I turn into the greeting party, running halfway down the driveway so I can follow the car home. If it's a stranger, I run a quarter way down the drive. I suppose that doesn't make much of a difference, but.....If I don't like the person who happens to come I give a (feeble) growl, and hide in my cage. I know, I'm a coward. I can't help it, though! Besides, I like most people, so I normally (should) have good reasons for hiding, although I admit, I hide sometimes just for the fun of it, too. If it is late at night and I am home alone I stay sleeping in my cage, and I come to the window when my family comes. My family somehow always knows when I did something bad(went through the garbage, got the litter box stuck on my head[read that story here], ate all the bread &/or cat food, etc.). I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I don't greet them at the door? Hmmmmm........That's something to examine. Anyway, that is the day I had today...I hope all you blogger-dogs had a good day, too. I need to go in my bed now, my sis is coming soon, too. Good-night!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Look at this! Isn't it kinda cool?!?! It came delivered on a big truck yesterday. I don't really know what it is. I think it's a big garden shed or something. My sister is all excited and says it's her dream come true or something! Quite strange, isn't it? I don't think it's that great. At one end it has a door that opens in two halves. So you can open the top if you want and not the bottom, or the bottom and not the top, or whatever those humans want to do. I wonder what it is for. My sister keeps saying "I can't wait until Daisy-Mae gets here!", so now I wonder, who is Daisy-Mae? Every day my sis says "Oh, Daisy was so good today" and "Daisy is so awesome". I mean come-on, she never calls me awesome! This must be a really cool person, since they are apparently awesomer than ME!! Especially since we get a new shed just so they can live in it! Man, I am in the dark on this one. But she keeps saying that Daisy is coming, so I guess I'll just have to wait until then to see who she really is......... this is so mysterious. Just so that you know, the person in the picture is my Daddy. He is so cool. When we go on walks he always chases me and plays with me. He is funny. He also gives me the best treats. See, mommy gives me milk bones, which are good, but compared to the Scooby Snacks dad gives me, well, lets just say that I'd prefer a Scooby Snack to a milk bone any day!!! Anyway, I have to go. I hear the treat cupboard opening, and my dad is doing the opening, so you know what that means!!!!Mm-mm-mm, deeelious!!!! Tootles!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't I look silly?!?!? It was the humans doing again. See, I went to the kennel a few weeks ago and they gave me a bath and I guess they put this thing on me so that I would always have a towel handy to dry myself off, but that seemed too weird. Then I found out the real reason.....(stay tuned!) So anyway, my mommy and sister thought it looked cute and took PICTURES!!!!!!! As you can see in the first picture, I was a little embarrassed about it and I didn't want my picture taken, but some how mommy always wins, and by bribing me she got me to come out (second picture). I guess it wasn't really that bad. I looked cute. And Boomer told me why. You see, it is apparently very common for us dogs to wear these. Not for a towel, or a toy, or a bag, no, for FASHION!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?! THEY CALL THESE THINGS FASHION! DO THEY KNOW HOW ANNOYING THEY ARE?!?!?!!? NOOOOOOO! They put them on to make us look good!!!! I don't know whether to be disgusted or overjoyed. On one paw, they are trying to make us look good, but on the other, they are doing it to make us look good! Ok, that didn't make all that much sense...what I mean is, I went through all that itchy-ness just so my owner would look good. You see, if I look good, my owner does, too. Why don't they try wearing those things for a day!!?!?!?!? Ugh! I am so amazed at their selfishness! Man, when will they learn.

On a more melancholy note, BOOMER'S GONE!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAA, WHAAAA, WHAAA! MY TRUE LOVER! GONE!!!!!!!! He moved to that place that is a long way away again. I couldn't believe it! Do humans have ANY feelings!?!??????????! I don't know how you could do it. To break up a love relationship that has just started!?!?! We didn't even have little pups yet! (ok, Boomer didn't know about that little detail). Well, I don't think I could have pups anymore anyway, but one can dream, can't they!?!?! Anyway, I am very dismayed. I will miss him so. I never got to say good-bye. So Boomer, good-bye! I will never forget you, you beautiful, blond pup. Farewell, my love...... :'(

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dog Days in the Little Forest......This shows why I named this blog Dog Days. Boomer(a.k.a., my crush)and Lady (a.k.a.[according to Boomer] Granny) came to play with me yesterday!!!! It was awesome! My Boomer. Oh, he was great. First we went walking on the trail with our mommy's and ran through the stream (first picture), and I ran at Boomer heels the whole time! (see second picture). Man, he is fast....His so skilled in athletics. He participates in numerous sports, including(but not limited to) fetch the stick, fetch the ball, cat-&-dog wrestling, sneak into the garbage(0r any other forbidden places), tricks with his sister A, and catch the treat. It's so amazing to watch him. I consider it an honor. He just rocks my socks. (wow, what a saying! I don't even have socks!) I love him.....oh no, I said it!!!!!! I love him. Huhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh no, um, backspace, delete, darn it, they aren't working! Oh my! Uh,oh! I'm in for it. So um, just ignore the stuff I said about lov-no, don't say it Abby! Don't do it! Oh my gosh, I'm going to die. I said the three words that humans on that big screen thing always say to one another. Oh, no, I'm doomed! I gotta go, um........technical difficulties, that's it..........
10 human minutes later:
I have regained control of myself. I still can't get the backspace to work (grrrrrr). I just wanted to say afterward Boomer and I lay on the field and chewed deer bones (last picture) that I gladly helped him find and retrieve. So, yeah, there you have it. Well, bye........

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aren't they beautiful?!?!?! They were my most prized possession (notice I said were)......Until someone (my sister) put them in a trash bag and threw them out. You see, these are bones I dragged over from our neighbors yard of a dead deer. I worked myself to death (ok, maybe not that hard...) just to get them so I could chew on them and enjoy them AND WHERE DO THEY END UP?!!?!?!!!? In the trash, that's where! I couldn't believe it! I was SO disappointed. What a SHAME. All that hard work for nothing. My sister is so dumb (don't tell her I said that ;-) ). She doesn't understand the importance of those bones. I am so mad!!!!!! They were so good! I still spared myself one little piece, but it's starting to lose it's flavor. I just wanted to save mommy the time of getting them herself!!! I don't know why it is so hard to understand that I wanted to eat them and that they taste so good. Ugh. So dumb!......I will now go mourn (and beg my sister for dog treats, or lay a guilt trip on her [or both!]). Hehehe. Bye!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hello?.......Hey, look at this! The human is playing a game. Isn't it funny how humans do that? Weird little games with no point to them. Like the game where everyone hides and one person tries to find them. That always confuses me. I mean, they never tell me they are all going to hide! I'm just suddenly left alone. Humans are so selfish. I don't know what the kid is playing in the picture. I think he is hiding from the camera. Poor kid. Doesn't know that he will have his picture taken anyway. I used to hide, but only 'cause I don't like beeping, that was an understatement, I freak out if something beeps. I admit. I do. I start shaking and whining and hiding in my cage. There is this one thing that hangs on the ceiling and sometimes my dad makes it beep. I go.....ballistic. It's because my old owner was mean to me and he had stuff that beeped. I know, that doesn't make sense, but oh well. I also get scared if someone chews that sticky stuff and blows bubbles with it. I think that is totally creepy. Anyway, I got way off track. I was talking about games and now I'm talking about beeping. But I have to go now. My sister just called me for a milk bone. Mmm, yummy delicious-ness.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Can you believe it? We are keeping birds as pets!!!! Birds!!! See them? IN OUR HOUSE!!! I think my humans have gone mad! Everyone knows that dogs like to eat birds, and cats, well, they LOVE birds!!!! The humans are being totally cruel by keeping them! They came in a little box in the letter truck! I am so disappointed in my humans!! They wanted them! They payed little pieces of green paper just to have them!!!! My mommy said that they can lay eggs, whatever those are. I'm so confused. Life just gets weirder and weirder. I thought my humans were ok, but no, they showed their brilliance by getting those birds. Grrrr. Winged animals aren't supposed to be in the house. They belong outside. Just because they are "so cute". I'll show them cute! Anyway, just an update.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Bunny-Day!!!! I'm in the kennel this week because my family got to go to Florida, and left me here. Doesn't that stink? They get the beaches and I get the cages!!! Lucky!!!! I have wi-fi in my kennel, so I still get to do something.....I wonder what the deal is with these rabbits? I mean, they have a whole day dedicated to them. Well, actually, it's about this guy named Jesus who lived lots of years ago and gave his life up for our sins, but I guess people do the bunny thing for the kids or something. I remember that a few years ago when we lived in another house my sister and brother used to go looking for eggs around our yard that magically appeared. Weird, huh? They'd be in trees, on shelves, in little play-things with long yellow things they'd sit on and slip down(once again, humans are weird), etc. Humans are so undereducated! I mean, seriously. Us dogs have reasons for the things we do. We eat 'cause we're hungry, we bark when to warn people, we beg 'cause it's fun (ok, so that one's kind of pointless). You get the picture..... Anyway, I have to go. The kennel lady's coming to let me out for a bathroom break. Have a good day! Bye!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Can anyone tell me what this plastic thing is? I always wonder. My sister takes me outside sometimes and spends a lot of time petting me with this plastic thing. I don't get it, though, why pet me with metal? I mean, doesn't she like touching my fur? This plastic thing also causes me to lose my gorgeous-if I may call it that-fur. I like having fur on me! Without it, I would most likely be...**gasp**...UGLY!!!!! And that just isn't possible! But when I think about it, I do have a lot of fur, and it does feel nice when she pets me so's like a I guess I'll just have to persevere(though if she takes too much off I'll scream!...ok, so I can't scream, but I can run away...I suppose screaming can be Plan B.) So anyway, I just wondered. Well, talk to you later!

Monday, April 2, 2007

This is my niece, Sasha (you know, that little black thing in the pictures). She is now 6 months old and weighs 41 pounds. When my brother first brought her over, I hated her, to say the least. I mean, everyone payed attention to her, and I was just the "old lady". I mean, hey, I'm not as old as Lady, Boomer's sister yet, so I can't be that old! But anyway, Sasha's better now...more mature. She is also better trained. And prettier. Oops, I guess you see that I'm jealous. Well, I am!! I mean every time she comes it's "oh look at her play" and " isn't she so pretty" and even worse"does Sasha want a treat", which is most likely one of MY treats. Grrrrrrr. Why didn't I stay little and cute? I must not have thought of that. On one hand, though, she does know how to play pretty well. She can play fetch and she isn't that bad at wrestling, though Boomer will always be the champ at that. Well, I mean, um, well, he's pretty good. If you want to see videos of Sasha on my brother's site click here. I hope it works. If not, well, tell me. Anyway, see ya!