This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Abby's Feeling a Little Under the Weather....


Hello, this is Mellimouse, Abby's (human) sister, posting. I'm running this post because Abby's not feeling too good, and I am the blog editor, after all...
You're probably wondering about all the pictures above. Well, let me explain. It all started last night (Monday night). Abby wouldn't eat her food, and she just wasn't acting like normal. Then she started trying to throw up, but nothing would come out. She would just hack and retch, but nothing happened! Then she started panting, and breathing really fast and hard. We were really worried about her, and we thought maybe she had a bone or something stuck in her throat. We waited out the night and in the morning she was still trying to throw up... We called the vet and scheduled an emergency visit. The vet looked her over and said that they would do x-rays and then an Endoscopic Exam(they called it a "Scope") to see if she had any "foreign bodies" that were causing her to act so weird/sick. They did both those and found that there was something, so they put her under and did surgery and found out that her stomach was inflamed(bright red!). They found a piece of something she ate that had caused it all, but it was very small and it fell apart when they took it out. They said if we had left Abby alone it would have healed itself soon. She just got home a little while ago, and she was still a little dizzy from the anesthesia. She got out of the trunk and started walking towards the house, but she was walking back and forth and her legs kept crossing each other. She's in her cage now(last pic.), resting. I'm looking at her right now and she's resting her head, eyes closed, fast asleep. So, she can't eat her regular dog food(3rd pic.) for two weeks. She has to be fed just prescribed canned food(1st pic.) and a special pill 1/2 an hour before(2nd pic.), so that she can keep the food down, and another pill twice a day...Let's see how this goes...normally when we give her a pill we wrap it in salami, but we can't do that now. Well, we'll do it somehow. I'll make sure Abby posts as soon as she's feeling better. Oh, wait, what was that?...Oh, she said to tell you bloggers she says hi, and she'll be up and blogging again real soon. She has to eat the first pill now, so I've gotta go. Bye!!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bath Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Don't be Fooled, this is NOT a Good Thing!)

Hey, what a surprise, I'm posting again after just 3 days!!!!!! Wow, I'm good aren't I?!?
So, here's the story. On Thursday(or maybe it was Friday, anyway) I rolled in some really great smelling "natural"(I'm a natural dog, I eat Nutro food, I roll in nutro stuff!) perfume (I also ate it and had to make my sister get up twice in the night to clean up after me, 'cause I got sick) and my family for some reason didn't like the smell!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! They didn't like it. So, I had to get a b....b....b-b-b-bath! I hate that word. Baths are terrible. The water is cold, the fact that there's water on me in the first place is bad, but it's cold! And she just keeps getting me wet, even if I shake it off! It's crazy! So, my sister gave me a bath under our deck. As you can see, it was really cold and there was, like, 20 or so(give or take a few) feet of snow on the ground, and she gave me a bath anyway. My mom did take the time and fill soda bottles with warm water, which was nice the first few seconds on my skin, but then the breeze would hit it and I'd feel cold again! I got cleaned in all my nooks and crannies, and even if it was cold, at least I'm nice and fluffy and clean now. It makes mom kinda angry, 'cause I shed a lot more, but she's the one who gave me the bath, so the way I see it, it's the humans fault, once again! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. I probably won't post until next weekend again, just so you know, but you can check anyway (and leave me comments!)
I know this is a little early, but
HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Don't forget to eat LOTS of food! Bye!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Vet Visit *Dun, Dun, Duuuunnnnn*! (sorry, it's a little late)

Hey, bloggers, how are you? I'm good! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! My computer broke, and I was busy, etc, etc. So, here's the post:
Last Monday (not this week Monday, last week Monday) I went to the vet to see about my itching. I'm getting used to the vet because I've been to the kennel, and it's at the same place. I don't shake anymore when I'm there. I used to shake really hard because I was scared, but now I don't. Anyway, the first picture is of me and the nurse (the lady before the vet), and the second one is just me in the exam room. The last one is me trying to get out the door. I don't mind being there, but when I can leave, I leave, thank you very much. Anyway, the vet said that he doesn't know what my problem is. He stuck me with a pointy pencil thing and said that "it would help" for a month or so. Well, all it did was cause me pain! Jeez! He said it would make me really thirsty, and that part is true. I drink a lot. It does seem to have gotten a little better, I must admit. He said it might be allergies. So, here I am, still a little itchy, and really thirsty. Bye!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Days.........Sorry I haven't posted!

Hey, bloggers!!!!!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I've been really busy, with fall and all(ha ha, that kind of rhymes!!!!). These pictures are of me with another deer bone. Some deer died again in our woods and I'm eating it now. It's really good, let me tell you!!!!!! It's so bony,, hard, and cold, and gross looking. Ok, so it doesn't sound that good, but it does taste really good!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I wish other doggy bloggers would post.......(hint, hint, people!).....
I'm itching really bad lately. I don't know, I'm just so itchy! My family even switched me to Nutro food with oatmeal for dry skin, and for awhile it got a little better, but now I'm scratching again!!!! I can't help it!!! I really want to get better. My sister told me that I have to go to the veterinarian on Monday......yey(not!). My sister always informs me on stuff that's going to happen. She tells me when she's going to leave for a vacation, or if a friends are coming, and she wakes me up at night when I have a nightmare. They're terrible!! I dream that I'm running after a big deer bone, just begging me to eat it, but the faster I run, the farther it gets from me, and the more I drool. My sister always leans down when she hears me scraping me claws on the cage side and wimpering and she says, "Abby, wake up honey, it's just a dream". Then she gets out of bed and makes me get out, too, and she sits on the floor and I dig my head into her lap. We sit there for awhile, and then she climbs in my cage and makes sure my blankets are straight, and then we go back to sleep.
Anyway, I don't know how I went from bones to sleeping, but oh well. Good night, everyone!!!!!