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Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is my sister's hamster, April, who lives in our room(yes we share a room). She's really cool to watch, but man, at night she makes a lot of noise. Running on her wheel, trying to escape....all in a nights work for her. Yesterday my sister cleaned her cage and put her in this one while she worked. That hamster goes nuts in that cage. She loves it!! Watching her makes me as excited as a human who just watched their favorite team of football players win a game. She's so energetic!! I think she thinks that if she runs fast enough she'll break out of the cage. Ha, ha, she doesn't know that that won't work!!! Sometimes my sister puts her on my back and makes me walk her around. Mommy always gets scared that I'll bite her, but I admit, I'm too scared to do such a thing. I understand why mommy thinks that, seeing as I killed a helpless squirrel this morning. It was so tempting!! I couldn't control the urge to hunt. I sound like a mean beast now, don't I? It's only the second time in six years! Ok, I guess saying that made it even worse. And mommy yelled at me for it! He might not even be dead! I'm so mean! I'm horrible! How could I do such a thing????!! I have to go punish myself. Good-bye.


Gudl said...

Abby, I am NOT happy, that you caught that squirrel today! I hope it is not really dead. But bad enought that you made it bleed.
But, I guess, you can't help it. You are a dog after all, and you do have the hunter's instinct.
Don't do it again, ok?
Leave the squirrels alone!

Abby said...

But, Mommy!!!........They're so fun to hunt.
Okay, I'll TRY, just TRY to stop.

(he,he,he, i just won't try that hard. ;) )

germanone93 said...

That poor squirrel! You are very mean Abby. Never do that again! Bye. lol

Mr.G said...

seee I knew that dogs were gross!
mean visious vile animals!
there is no skill in catching a already wounded squirrel, you should catch a bird.
now that takes skill of which you being a dog will never posses.

sydney said...

oh you go abby! those squirrels deserve it, taunting us with their bushy tail,chattering at us.... it is as if they say "hey come catch me if you can" it is not fair that they get to tourcher us and then the humans get mad at us.... not the squirrel no they get mad at us.
i for one support you 100% abby!
you go! I am sooooo glad you wounded it.....that way you set an example for the rest of those pesky beasts!

Sherman said...

You should of rolled in it after you killed it.

Abby said...

That's true, Sherman! Why didn't I think of rolling in it!! And after yesterday's post, too.

Thank you very much for your support, Sydney. I knew SOMEONE would appreciate my work!!!

Just to let everyone know, there have been no other squirrels at the little houses filled with stuff(I still don't know what they're called) today! I may have started a revolution!

Boomer said...

You're lucky Ab, I can't even get 1 yard next to a squirrel...They run up trees and I sit there for 15 minutes barking at it to come down. Mommy thinks thats stupid. But, what does she know..?

Abby said...

Mommy thinks my squirrel only got hurt, so I have to go find it tomorrow and finish the job.....
(hehehehehehehehh;-) )