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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mommy gave me a bone today! As you can see by the pictures, I love my bones. When I get one I drool all over my sister's floor and get her carpet all red and sticky with the red stuff in the middle. That's why mommy gave me my bone outside today. My sister thinks it's weird that I like the bones so much, but come on, I'm a dog! Besides( sorry Boomer, I'm borrowing your new saying), what do humans know, anyway? I wonder where mommy gets them. She just leaves the house and when she comes back she has them. She doesn't work for them, not like me, who went out and took the life of a squirrel, only to have it taken from me moments afterward(grrrrrrrrr). Humans are so lazy! Well, my dad does go out and hunt those big animals in the woods. He always wanted one with a horn on it's head, but whats the point of that? He can't eat the horn!! So why try so hard to get one with a horn? Humans seriously need to stop and think sometime! Why is it that my posts always end up about humans being dumb? I need to get off that subject. Ummmmm.......Mommy took me walking today! The only thing missing was another dog, like say, oh, Boomer? I miss him so much. You must wonder what we do when we're together. Well, when I come I lay on the floor facing his beaut-I mean- face and stare into his gorgeo-I mean....have a staring contest...right. Then we go walking and I run at his heels and try to nip him. It's wonderful.........Anyway, then we lie down near one another and take naps. Oh the beauty of it all......Oops!! I did not say that! Wasn't me! Nope, not me! I didn't say all that about handso-I mean-Boomer. I better go, before I say too much, so bye!


Sherman said...

My mom can't me bones beause in less then a half an hour it would be distroyed.

You havea serious problem. Maybe you two should go on online virtual date.

germanone93 said...

Abby, aren't you a little old for boomer. Don't be so messy with your bone.

Priscilla said... is not the speed at which Sherman destroys the is the unpleasant after affects that Mommy gets to clean up! He always gets sick and throws up....usually on my carpet!

Abby said...

We do not have a problem!!!! We just...apprieciate each other.....(a lot)

Pedi said...

Ich lese deine Posts sehr gerne! :-)

Abby said...

Thanks, Pedi!!! I'm glad that I have so many readers....well, it's a lot to me!

Anonymous said...

ABBERDOODLE ~ you are soooooooooooooo silly!! i can't wait to see more pics!!

- chels