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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I went looking for that squirrel today, 'cause my mommy said it probably wasn't dead....darn it. I must have scared those squirrels a lot though because there haven't been any at the little wooden houses filled with stuff the last few days. Thinking about how that squirrel must taste made me drool(first picture). So, I started looking( second picture)around where I had my war with the little creature, but it wasn't there. I searched and searched, but after a long five minutes (I'm a tad on the lazy side) I gave up. What shame. I've heard humans say to others to never give up, but I had a milk bone waiting for me in the house, so I went for the snack that was already there. Why work for better food when you have good food already? I mean seriously! Humans do that sometimes, but they're not very smart as I've learned, or, as [my beloved] Boomer would say, "what do they know?". They should follow a dogs advice. We're smarter then them anyway(like all you dogs don't know that already!) I mean, on one paw, if dogs had humans as pets we wouldn't put food in the world that would give our humans kidney failure would we? (see last post) Then again, one the other paw, I don't know if we would give our humans food at all. Humans think there so great anyway, they can get there own food! Ha! That would teach them! Anyway, I have to go.


Gudl said...

Well, Abby, I guess this morning you did find the dead squirrel!! Dad saw you with it and I know he took it away from you. That was not a good toy!!
But I don't blame you. You are a dog after all!

Boomer said...

Yeah, i think thats my newe saying: What do humans know anyway?

Abby said...

It's a good one!

Abby said...

Good saying, I mean, Boomer!

But it was a tasty toy;-)
My search THIS morning was rewarding....I figured out that humans are right about one thing...try, try again.

sydney said...

ah abby, kudo's for you and actually finding your kill!

all I get is a Kong filled with doggie biskets and peanut butter, then mom gets really crafty and hides it from me and tells me to go find it....mmmmrrrrpphhh!
that is just rude! she should just give it to me.

Sherman said...

Good for you! I have never managed to catch those things.

Abby said...

Thank you all! I'm just the best squirrel hunter in the world, I know...ok, i'm pretty good. Anyway, like I said, Sydney, why work for food when you can get it for free? My sister makes me do tricks to get a milk bone.grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!