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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Retired Life

Hey there furry friends! (Or hairy, in my case)
I turned seventy-seven in dog years this year!
 I still look pretty dashing. I know this because I have modeling agencies still trying to contact me. Unfortunately, I like to lead a quiet life and turn the majority of them down. 
I am featured on our town newspaper on an ad though; I like to help out every now and then, out of the good of my heart, so I allowed them the picture:

This is my 'thinker' expression ^^^^

 These shots were taken a couple days ago.  The paparazzi was following me-yet again- *sigh*. Ah well. I suppose it's just hard to resist my obvious beauty and adorableness. I've decided not to press charges, as long as said-paparazzi continues to feed me and give me treats-and allow me to sleep on her bed. 
I've been leading a quiet retired life. I gobble my senior chow with vivacity most days. I help do the pre-rinse of the baking bowls every few days, and my most recent part-time job is that of chicken herder. I am a Shepherd after all. Those birds need some guidance sometimes, at least I'm under the impression. My humans disagree, but since when do they know what's best anyway? 

Hope you're all doing well and getting into the human food as best you can, 

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