This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm #1!

I know what you're thinking. Either you're thinking "FINALLY, Abby posted" or you're thinking,"HOLY WEINER SCHNITZEL, IS THAT ABBY ON THE COVER OF THAT MAGAZINE?!?". The answer to both those questions is yes. That's me on the cover. Do any of you get PetFancy Mag? Well, I don't, but while in the vets office last summer my human just happened to pick up the latest addition of it and saw a contest in it...for what you ask? YBP(Year's Best Pet). All you had to do is send in a picture of yourself(as in, a picture of your pet) and tell about it. We sent in two pictures, and told about me, and BELIEVE IT or not, I won. So, they had some professional photographer's come in and take photos of me during the seasons-last summer and this winter. The above pictures were their favorite of all...but they can't decide which one to take! OH NO! So, as soon as they decide, look for me in PetFancy magazine, as this YEAR'S BEST PET!
In the meantime, which picture would you pups have chosen for the cover?

***Disclaimer----contents of this post may not be entirely true or accurate.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Mourn for the Muffins

Hello, puppers!
Do you see those pictures up there? Well, I hope so....let me tell you a story. When I was just a wee little pup my family and I lived in a different house. One day the humans did something totally innocent-they left a loaf of bread on the counter. Fine, right? I mean, where else does it go? Well, I was the type of dog that just happened to...lets say LOVE bread. So I helped myself to the loaf-potato bread, I believe....those were the days...before wheat bread. ANYWAY, I put my paws on the counter, took out two slices of bread (I didn't want to be too greedy), and took them into our living room to eat. My brother was on the computer, playing games, and he saw me....well, I got in trouble. Since then, whenever my family leaves the house, they put all the good stuff in the cupboard! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! It's so mean! First they eat some bread-toasting it to the perfect temperature and toasty-ness, smothering it in butter and jam, or eggs...teasing me by eating it before my eyes. And then I don't get any and they hide it! Do you see the STUFF in that basket? English muffins, potato bread(which is used STRICTLY for french toast), gummy bears....and you see that last picture? THAT is how I WOULD look if they'd let me have an 'all you can eat human food buffet day'...but instead I mourn over the loss of eating muffins...if any of you dogs could teach me how to open that cupboard door, that'd be great.
Well, I have to go...nothing much else to say, so....bye!

**By the way, I have to apologize for the bad quality of the first 2 pictures. (the second was taken by my awesome human mom...figures, her's is fine) My main photographer was slacking that day, and didn't bother to notice a smudge on the camera lense. Sorry!**

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Now Here's Abby with the....News? There is None.

Hello, I'm Abby, and I'm here to bring you THE LATEST news update:

.....Ok, what do I say now? Obviously it's a good thing I'm not a reporter because A)my company would make no green paper that humans like so much because B)I am the most boring dog in the world. Yes, I admit it, I'm struggling to find things to post about....I've got to tell my editor to think of the most interesting subjects about me....oh, wait, there is nothing interesting left, I've covered all 3: Sleeping, Eating, walking...Ok, so I'm blabbering a little. I'll start talking about the pictures now.

Well, the first few pictures of me are just pictures my human sis (AKA, Mrs. Editor, and now also assuming the role of Photographer) is FORCING me to post. Why? Because I look just B-E-A-UTIFUL in that wasn't very modest, I realize this. Not modest at all...oh well. Anyway, the biggest reason is that for once she was the one to take the pictures of me, and they actually turned out really nice-she thinks so anyway-so she wants to share them. Her secret? Put the camera on the floor facing me and hit the button. That way they aren't shaky and you see me from my level.

The third picture is of a feline. A boy feline. A feline that lives in the barn. A feline named Gronemeyer, as seen on my sister's blog. Yes, this is Gronemeyer. What is so great about him? Well, first of all, Gronemeyer is a famous singer in Germany-oh, wait, cats can't sing. Right, I'm talking about Herbert Gronemeyer, the singer...OUR Gronemeyer is a cat. Why is he on MY dog blog? Because he happens to be my favorite subject lately, besides cat food that I'm not supposed to eat, and the horse's manure pile(which I'm also not supposed to eat). You see, he keeps teasing me. Just today I came out of the house, ready to do some exploring with my human sis, and who do I see peeking out from underneath our porch steps? Mr. Gronemeyer. So he started a game: As soon as I got nose-to-nose with him, he raced back under the stairs. I got the oh-so-fun job of standing there and feeling humiliated by the fact that the CAT tricked me. And every time he DOES let me chase him, he climbs up a tree, and then meows really *cough, choke, gasp* cutely(I don't think that's a word...I really mean cute) and makes ME look like THE MOST TERRIBLE DOG IN THE WORLD in front of my sister. Let's just say I get yelled at, sent in the house, and the cat gets 'rescued'(he got up, I'm pretty sure he can get down) from the tree by my human sis. Very nice, huh? No offense all you cats out there, but I'm totally not fond of your species.
So, that's what's going on in my life right now. How about you doggies?
Have a great time until my next post!