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Thursday, November 20, 2008


So...I was tagged...and I didn't even notice(I'm a LITTLE slow, all right?!!!)...and then I was tagged again...and that time I DID notice. So here is my tag.

I was first tagged by Dunja and then Markus.

Now here's the instructions:

  1. Open the sixth folder of pictures on your computer
  2. Pick the sixth picture in the folder
  3. Post it
  4. tell about it
  5. tag others.
Well, I use the same computer as my human sis, and she already did this post, so I couldn't POSSIBLY use the same picture, so I did it kinda back words....I opened the sixth folder from the bottom of the list, and picked the sixth picture from the end in the this is what I came up with.

It is my sister. On a short little horse.

She rides horses.

She thinks they are cool. And she puts up with all of them. Personally, if I was a human (don't worry...I'm purely dog) I would not ever go near a horse. Because their brains are teeny. Compared to mine, anyway, and they don't deserve my presence.

But that is just my personal opinion.
But admit it-
It's a good opinion.

Anyway, she rode that horse. It's name was Sarina. It reared a few times, but she said it was ok.
When I rear, my humans call it jumping up, and I'm not allowed to do it.

I think it's the same with horses. But that horse up there jumped up ANYWAY.

That proves it.

That horse wasn't supposed to jump, but it did, proving it's brain is smaller then mine, because it should have seen a good smack coming with the crop before it came.

Silly, ignorant pony.

So that is my tag.
I will now tag my love, Ben, and I don't have time to pick out more pups, so if you read this, consider yourself tagged.

Abby, over and up.


Gudl said...

That is a cute picture of 'your sister' on a different horse. I had never seen this! Oh , what happy summer memories, right?!

happy said...

That's a nice picture! I think the horse is beautiful though.

cookie said...

We like the picture anyway!!! We havn't been on in awhile ourselves, and it was good to read about you.

high five paws,
Cookie and crew