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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring, Yogurt, and Big, Canvas Boxes

I'm here, doggies! Sorry I take so long to post! You CANNOT imagine how hard it is to get my human off the computer! But now she's off, for a minute, so I have a bit to post. First of all, Happy Spring! Spring has sprung here in our neck of the woods. We had some snow last Sunday, but it melted quick. The first picture is of me in our stream. Now that all this snow melted, we have a big stream and lots of little streams everywhere. I don't like swimming in big bodies of water, but I like the shallow stream! The second is of....*sniff*, canvas boxes. That's what they look like to me, anyway...I think they're called bags in real life, but I'll call them canvas boxes. Anyway, I know that whenever my humans get those out, I smell trouble. Whenever they come out they put tons of stuff in them, and then one morning I hop in the car, eager for a ride, but we end up at the vet's office. Yup, I think I have a kennel visit ahead of me. This happened last year, too. They went off to some warm place called Florida, and left me here to suffer. Can you believe it?! Plus, I heard that not only am I staying at the kennel, I'm getting 'surgery'. *GASP!* What is surgery? I don't think it's that nice...something about a bump on my leg that's getting bigger...anyway, the vet people are taking the little bump off my leg, and then I have to wear a-a---a cone! DOUBLE GASP! Holy wiener schnitzel! OH MY GOSH! To show all you doggies what a cone is, I borrowed a picture from another site. Here it is:

Terrible, isn't it?! I'm quite worried...but yogurt is good. That's the last picture. My mom finished a container of yogurt, and put it on the ground and said "Abby, do you like yogurt?". I was like HOLY CANOLI! I didn't even know what it was, but if my mom puts it on the ground, I'm not dumb enough to turn away from it! So that's me eating yogurt. Anyway, I have to go, I think tomorrow is the day I got the the vet's...*sigh*....I heard a rumor of a bath afterward...You'll see pictures when I get back, which is (according to my scribe) next Wednesday, the twenty-third. Talk to you then, puppers!

Actually, just so you know, my kennel does come with free Internet access, so I will be on to comment to you guys, but I can't post because they don't have pictures. :)

P.S..OH GOLLY, GOLLY, GOLLY, I just looked at Ben's post, and I have to let you guys know, I have a new boyfriend named Ben...I like to call him Benny. He's sweet, and handsome...and HE won't quit blogging, like my exboyfriend, Boomer, did. :D Talk to you soon!

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Gudl said...

Oh Abby, Abby , Abby, you make me laugh!
I am so sorry that you have to go to the kennel again. but at least you can dream of your new boyfriend Ben, who is very handsome by the way!
And don't forget, Abby, ... we love you and we promise we will pick you up again.

BenTheRotti said...

Hi my beautiful Abby,

What a gorgeous picture of you in your stream!! I love yoghurt too, Mum buys me pots of natural yoghurt as she said it is good for keeping the healthy bacteria in my gut - no idea what that means and i don't care - it just tastes soooo good! I always get a little yoghurt moustache when i eat it though and Mm keeps threatning to take a picture!!

Sorry to hear you have to go to the vet and have surgery!! *cries* I will be thinking of you and sending lots of love and healing thoughtsand don't worry about the lampshade attachment, you look beautiful no matter what you wear.

love and lots of smooooochies,

Ben xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boomer said...

well then. i dont need you.