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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Home.....with My Personal Lampshade

Hello! Guess what? I'm at home! Let me tell you exactly what happened at the vet:

Well, I got to the kennel/vet and I was already not very happy....My humans took me to the place behind bars AGAIN! And imagine, when I thought it couldn't get any worse, they gassed me and did 'surgery' and when they were done, I was wearing that big plastic lampshade thing and my paw hurt! First they had a bandage on my paw, so I couldn't see what they had done, but then they took it off, and I have string in my skin! Wow, I'm sorry, I must have just totally disgusted sincere apologies. Anyway, I'm sorry, I must have disgusted you with the picture as well, but that's my paw...they took off the funny "bump"-it's not cancerous, whatever that means, they said it was a 'fatty tumor'...I'm guessing that means a bump made of fat. It's off now, and the only drawback is I wear that dumb cone...I'm so
embarrassed! I can't change it, I humans do take if off me when they can watch me to make sure I don't pull out the stitches, and I'm fine, but I have to wear it at night...well, at least it's clear! I can see! And man, when my humans picked me up, I was so happy to see them, I forgot about the cone! A human friend of mine said "The cone is the lampshade, you're the lightbulb!", and I kind of like that because people are smart when they have lighbulbs above their heads, so I take that as a compliment.
Talk to you all soon!


happy said...

Poor you, Abby! Hope you are all better now. Don't worry about the lampshade, it'll be off soon before you know it.

BenTheRotti said...

Hello my beautiful Abby, I'm so relieved to hear you are home and recovering. Don't worry you still look gorgeous, even with the cone attachment. I'm sending you lots of love and healing kisses.. get ready here comes one now...


love ya

Ben xxxxxx

Mack said...

Oh poor Abby! I am just so glad it was beenine and you are ok!

Hopefully the cone will be history soon!

Recouperating sugars,

JO said...

You poor thing! Tumbleweed has some of those fatty tumors too - on her rib cage and near one of her armpits - poor girl - we haven't got the courage to put her through the surgury though .... she just lives with them.

Feel better - I hope your shade comes off soon... We will be thinking of you...

Anika said...

Well, if this helps, atleast it's clear! ;)

Good Luck!


cool hand Luke said...

Hi Abby, I found you on Ben the rotties blog, I hope youre feeling better soon, You will get used to the lampshade but hope you dont have it long
Love from Luke and the foster parents xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby I hope you get that silly lampshade off soon. Glad your lump has been removed and its nothing bad.

please take care

lots and lots of licks


mitzi said...

Awww, hope you get it off soon abby!