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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow Day, Apparently

Hello! These pictures are actually from just about 1/2 an hour ago! It snowed A LOT last night, so my sister didn't have to go to school. She got up early, looked at the noisy, flashing box that the humans like to watch, and then she said "Oh, it's a snow day!", and she went back to bed for 2 hours! Peculiar, huh?!? Well, I like it. In the pictures she went out and braved the snow and took me for a walk all the way down the driveway! It was lots of fun. I'd run a few steps, cough(I'm still sick), and then bury my head in the snow for no reason! I guess I'm supposed to know why, but I don't. The pictures were taken at the beginning of the walk, just before we started. She was playing with me. It was tons of fun! I like it when she stays home.

Today is my last day of taking the one really big pill I've had to take for a week. I'm glad, because it doesn't taste that good, and it was just a nuisance. The other ones aren't as bad. I keep taking them and eating the canned food for one more week and then I'm done!!!! Yey, that'll be the day! Whoopie!!!!!! Anyway, I have to go. I think my mom and sister are going to make human treats(dog treats for humans, duh!), and I want to be there to smell them, although, of course, I'm banned from eating the delicious pastries. So, have a good day! Bye!!!


Gudl said...

I know, Abby, you like the snow!
Too bad we cannot let you off the leash because you like to RUN AWAY and eat bad stuff!!
You both looked cute in the snow walking away, braving the storm!!

Gudl said...

Ich weiss, Abby, du magst den Schnee! Leider kann man dich ja nicht frei laufen lassen im Moment, weil du immer WEGGRENNST und boese Sachen frisst!!
Ihr beide seht goldig aus wie ihr da weggeht durch den Sturm!

Abby said...

Yeah, well, I have to get really good food somewhere. Just imagine your favorite food. Now imagine eating it for the rest of your life!!!!! Sorry, mom, but a pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do.

Jutta said...

Hallo Abby,
das macht Dir mit Sicherheit viel Spass durch den dicken Schnee zu laufen,kann ich mir sehr gut vorstellen:-)bez.weiss es noch von Terry,ihm machte es auch viel Vergnügen.
Was frisst Du denn "für böse Sachen?"
Auf den Fotos dachte ich:Die Leine ist sehr kurz?Ist das auch eine Vorsichtsmaßnahme,hörst Du nicht gut was Dein Frauchen Dir sagt?

Allen said...

Coo1. I had some fun in the snow too!!!

Abby said...

Hallo Jutta

Ich esse gerne Wild!! Meine Leine ist nicht kurz, sie rollt sich nur immer von selbst ein, wenn ich nah' an meinem Herrchen oder Frauchen gehe!Ich habe schon Fotos von Terry gesehen u ich denke immer er u ich wir koennten verwandt sein.

JO said...

Nice you enjoyed some extra time with your sis... wow! Snow days - we don't get those out here... Tumbleweed really enjoys the snow when it comes... we haev to drive about 45 minutes or so to get to it though... our first storm of the season is coming in tonight - ;)

Abby said...

Enjoy your first storm!!!!!