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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Gift-Thanks to Gregor!

Hello! I just wanted to inform you of a package that arrived in the mail yesterday. My Uncle Gregor sent me a gift, as promised in his comment on the last post! Cool, huh?! He got treats for me, three kinds. A potato and duck kind, a dried fish kind, and a salmon kind. All the treats are natural. I love them. He also said that I'm going to get a ostrich tendon in the mail, which sounds REALLY good. I don't know what an ostrich is, but that treat sounds really good. I mean, all the other ones were good, so this one must be, too. He also sent a package of treats for Freckles, Genevieve, and Gronemeyer. It's a pink package. The treats are made totally of fish, 85% salmon. They smell good, too, but they are, "...strictly for the cats." Humans these days. I mean, the cat food, and litter box are "...strictly for the cats", too, but I eat them! Whatever, I'll let it go. Well, I have my own good treats. Thank you, Gregor! Happy New Year to you too!
The last pictures are of my canine, but not by blood, niece, Sasha. She's pretty cool. I've told you about her before. She's a German Shepard, Rottweiler, some type of setter, other stuff, but mostly Rottweiler, I think. She's a little over a year old, and she's REALLY playful. My human brother, Markus, is staying with us right now, and he owns her, and it's kind of nice to have another doggy to run with, and bite, and push around. Ok.....I admit, I always act like such a social, and pushy dog, but I'm really not. Mostly, Sasha does the pushing. Pushes me to get food, treats, attention, toys, etc. BUT, I do push her around when we play. I nip her behind, and chase her, and stuff. It's fun, and I have a real reason to use my bark, which I don't usually use. If you'd like to see more, she is on her daddy's blog today, at
Anyway, tomorrow is New Year, so Happy New Year! I'm not posting, I don't think, but my sis might. Her blog is at
Have a great day!


Gudl said...

Gregor, you're THE BEST!

All our animals and humans are happy! How nice.
Abby you were really very interested in the package! You must have smelled the goodies already. and how nice of you to share (a little) with Sasha-babe!!

worminator said...

i wish i knew my doggy family

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you liked the treats and that you shared. Awww. Sasha is beautiful.