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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boomer Wrote to Me!!

Look!! Boomer wrote me a letter. Two, in fact!! Ok, the first picture is of the postcard I got a few days ago. I was very happy with it, especially with Boomers own paw prints! I made sure that my sis clipped it to my cage, so I will always have a little piece of Boomer. It also made me feel melancholy, which is why I look a little down in the third pic. Then today, you wouldn't believe it, I got an envelope for me from Boomer that had treats in it. The fourth pic. shows how well I helped get the envelope open...I was a little shy of the camera, but the treats won me over. I really enjoyed it, so thank you so much, my Boomer-boy!!! I love you, too. Just in case you can't read what the post card says [you probably can't!], it says:
"Hey Sweetie! I miss you very much! Thank you for your present! I loved it! We have to see each other soon! [at this point he writes something that you can only find out if you can read the picture, I want to keep it personal]
Your Boomie"
See, isn't that nice?!?!?!?! I just love him! He really know how to make a girls day! Really! I love you Boomie!! Thank you so much!!
I hope you are all having a good day so far. I am!! Bye!


Priscilla said...


Priscilla said...

The third picture made me laugh!

Maggie said...

It says "I want you to know I love you." I could read the letter.

Abby said...

Shhhh!! That was a secret!!! DUH!!!!

Sherman said...

Editor: I must write for sherman since he just fainted.