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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helllooooo again!

Helloooooooo doggies! I'm back for a quick visit! Again....pretty much just to show you this cute picture of me. My human mommy and sister and some visitors and I went to the beach last May together and my human sis took this picture. THEN on she changed it so everything is black and white 'cept for my collar (which is a gorgeous pink even in real life) and she added the words and the cool frame thing. Isn't this cute? I think so.

It snowed last Wednesday least, I think it was Wednesday. Anyway, it snowed up here in the hills at our house a full 2 inches! And the town below us only got a few sprinkles. Phooey. But it melted quick, and now its gone. But it was funny, because one day it was fall, and the next---Winter!!! So that's my news.

I'm honored that so many of you left comments on my quick post last time. Thank you so much! I always know I have doggy friends here in the cyber world. I'm going to curl up and nap now, because it's been raining allllll day so far. You know what our dumb cat Freckles keeps doing? Going outside. And getting drenched. And drinking water off the boards on the porch. And going in. And then wanting to go back out again. She's sooo silly. Silly, silly...

Anyway, that is all I have to say today.

Except for this:

When I first came to live with the family I have now, in 2001, I was a scared-y-dog. I could barely protect myself, let alone my human companions. Guess what I am now? I'm a *dangerous* watch dog! Kinda. I keep trying to protect my sister from her horse, but it's kinda hard to protect her when she's sitting ON the horse. I bark and chase the pony, and she doesn't like that. But it's ok, she just doesn't understand. I wonder how that pony forces my sister on her, anyway? Poor sis. She doesn't realize that horse is eeeeeevil. EVIL I say! Well, maybe I only see her as eveeeeil because my sister gives her more attention then she gives me...but I'm rambling. And I know my sis loves me. So I'll let you go before I get you even more confused and bored.

Have a good, rain-less weekend, furry friends!


Gudl said...

What a nice post! Very funny and entertaining to read.
Abby, you are a silly dog! But I love you. Mom

BenTheRotti said...

Hello Princess,

that is truly a gorgeous picture of you. I love snow!! I hope we get some here this year, i bet you look gorgeous with a snout full of snow!
Its cold here, and rainy.. so i'm napping lots too.
As always I missed you so its really good to hear from you, your sister did a great job with that photo.. and just for the record I would be jealous of the horse too!! bark it up girl!!

sending you smoochy love,

Ben xxxx

Abby said...

Hello, my handsome prince!

Awww, jeez, Benni, you make me feel so special. <:-) I wish you were here with me, I wouldn't be nappin' much with you to play with! I'm glad you're doin' good.

Love ya,


I LOVE JESUS said...

Hey Abby!!! Beau says to say hi and he really wants you to come and play in his new fenced in yard!!!!!! :)

Anika said...

awww that picture is so cute! =]

cookie said...

Your picture is wonderful. Now we need one with you in the snow.
I agree the poneymust be evil is she is forcing your sister to sit on her....and give her more attention than you.
Keep barking,
Cookie and crew