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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Vet Visit *Dun, Dun, Duuuunnnnn*! (sorry, it's a little late)

Hey, bloggers, how are you? I'm good! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! My computer broke, and I was busy, etc, etc. So, here's the post:
Last Monday (not this week Monday, last week Monday) I went to the vet to see about my itching. I'm getting used to the vet because I've been to the kennel, and it's at the same place. I don't shake anymore when I'm there. I used to shake really hard because I was scared, but now I don't. Anyway, the first picture is of me and the nurse (the lady before the vet), and the second one is just me in the exam room. The last one is me trying to get out the door. I don't mind being there, but when I can leave, I leave, thank you very much. Anyway, the vet said that he doesn't know what my problem is. He stuck me with a pointy pencil thing and said that "it would help" for a month or so. Well, all it did was cause me pain! Jeez! He said it would make me really thirsty, and that part is true. I drink a lot. It does seem to have gotten a little better, I must admit. He said it might be allergies. So, here I am, still a little itchy, and really thirsty. Bye!


Gudl said...

I am glad you are feeling better, Abby!
The people there were all nice to you, weren't they?

Jutta said...

Abby Dein und Euer Hund erinnert mich immer sehr an Terry,den Hund den wir mal hatten und leider weg geben mussten.Er sah ihr sehr ähnlich,man hätte fast meinen können es sind Geschwister.
Wer ist die Frau auf dem Bild die Abby da führt?
Reitest Du auch aus mit Daisy Mae und nimmst Abby mit?Geht das gut zusammen?
Ich sah des öftern schon das ein Hund mit von der Partie war,dachte oft ob das so einfach geht?
Schön wenn man Tiere so mag wie Du,auch Eure Kätzchen auf Mama`s Blog heute sind ja zu putzig und süss.Machen Dir sicher ebenfalls viel Freude,wenn auch Arbeit und Mühe dazu gehört.
Gruss an alle Deine Tiere besonders an Dich

Anika said...

Aww!!! Abby! You're so cute! Boomer and Lady don't like the vet either. I hope you feel better soon!