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Monday, July 16, 2007

Beach Days

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer. I am! These pictures show you where I was this past week. At our other house! See, for some odd reason the humans decided that two houses are better then one, and so this is our summer house. We go there every summer and hang out. Of course, I'm always hanging out year round, but the humans don't.( don't ask me why, with all the green paper they have I would definitely hang out all the time. It's not like they have to work! Sheesh, they have a lot of stuff to learn.) Anyway, it's really nice there. They have this awesome big water-place-thingy. I don't know what it's called. I think of it as a big water bowl. Anyway, they go swimming in it and stuff. I don't go in. I'm afraid the doggy who owns the bowl will come, and judging by the size of the bowl, I think the doggy must be pretty mean and scary. So, I play it safe and just stay out. Now, you are probably wondering what the difference between the first two pictures is, but believe it or not, there is a difference. In the first picture my nose is different then the second one. If you enlarge it, one at a time, it looks like I am moving my nose while I sniff the air, which is precisely what I am doing. And by the way I have my eyes closed in the second pic. you know that I am just loving the smell of the air there. Even if the water bowl is scary, at least it smells nice. In the third picture I am staring down the bars of the outside place thing (it has a fence there, so it blocked my view of down below. Stupid, huh?!?! To put a fence there! It's not like there's a 100 foot drop or something! .......oh, right, there is.) to inspect the boats moving below. People actually go boating on the water bowl. Humans are so oblivious to the danger of doing that. Ugh! Anyway, in the last picture is a squirrel. There are lots of them there, probably because doggies always have to be on leashes and they can't catch them that way. Those animals are just way too smart. Anyhow, I know this was a long post, but there was a lot to say. Hope you all have a great week! Happy summer!


Gudl said...

Abby, you make me laugh! The way you talk about the 'big water bowl' . That is funny! It is the LAKE, haven't you heard us talk aout it?!
Yes, we love it there! And I know you like it a lot, too!
You look good, lying in the the morning sun and sniffing the air, watching the squirrels etc.
We will go back there!!

Boomer said...

Boy o Boy o Boy!! Have I ever been there? I dont think so! I would love to go swimming in the lake! (as gudl calls it) I love to swim!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... "The Dog Days of Summer". I always thought they called it that because it's so hot that dogs just lay around. Turns out there's a dog star called Sirius. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures, by the way.

Abby said...

Gudl: Thank you for telling me what it's called....a lake. Hmm, I'm still not going in the water. Who knows what creatures live in there?! Anyway, I can't wait to go back!

Boomer: Long time no see! I think you would love it, but I don't want to sacrifice my love, you, to the Big Doga-owner of the bowl-so sorry, you will have to stick to your pond.

Gregor: thanks for the comment! That is really interesting! I didn't know about Sirius, very interesting! Thanks!

JO said...

Great pics of you Abby - Tumbleweed loves to lay in the sun and sniff the air too and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES TO chase squirrels... I will haev to post the pics of her squirrle watching at the beach last weekend :)

Abby said...

Oh, yes, of course, you have to post the pictures of her! I'm dying to see more of her!

Pedi said...

Green paper = Money (Dollars)?
Viele Grüsse liebe Abby und noch viele schöne Sommertage wünsch ich dir und deiner Familie! :-)