This is the blog of a family dog named Abby in Upstate New York, who writes (in her own words)about her everyday life.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Funny Pictures....

Funny pictures, huh? What do you think of the first one? Doesn't that cat seem to be saying "I didn't do it, I swear!" I think so. Shows that cats ARE evil creatures...oh, the nerve of them. And that second picture, isn't it cool? I wish my parents had let me see the chickens that close when they were little! Mmmmm, yumm-I mean, it's so cute! (how many of you can guess what happens next?! I bet I know! ;-))
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Ol' Me....

Hello, puppers! I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to post! This will just be a quick post. Hmmm, lets see...Well, these pictures were taken by my mom last week, of me lying under the table. Unfortunately, I still have Kennel Cough, even though I finished taking all my medicine. Dumb, huh? I can't run for a long time because after a few feet I have to cough. It's terrible. Word for the day: Never get Kennel Cough. I got vaccinated for it in September, but it apparently didn't help.
The last picture was of me in the summer, and my sis uploaded it to under "make photos look old". It's a good photo for the effect, huh?! I like it. Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't posted, life's just busy, and I don't really have much to post about. Just snow, snow, and more snow.
Have a great week people!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Diagnosis

Hello! This post has to be quick, because I have to post it before my sister starts complaining that I'm hogging the computer.
Ok, you all know that a few weeks ago (actually, in the end of November) I got sick, trying to cough something up and all. Well, it was better for awhile because I was eating special food and pills, but lately it got worse again. I kept on coughing, and every time I tried to run I had to stop and cough! My mom took me to the vet on Monday, and he diagnosed me with Kennel Cough. I did get a shot against kennel cough this year (its a cough I can get from other doggies at the kennel, obviously) but I got it anyway. The picture is just to fill some empty space, it's of me lying on the floor at the vets. Anyway, I got new antibiotics for it, and the special food again, because my mom told the vet that while I ate the food I didn't cough, and he said maybe it was because of my food (although, I love my Alpo) so he gave us the food to see if it helps. So, I'm feeling MUCH better, and the best of all is, I still get to eat treats! The first time I was sick I wasn't allowed to eat treats, but I can now, and I still have treats from Gregor, and Gypsy's owners, and my human sis.......Mmm-mmm good. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

*Sniffle*-I Miss the Love of My Life!

*Sniff*, Isn't he gorgeous?!? I know you have all been wondering where I am (ok, maybe not, but...), so I looked through my pictures to find somthing to post about and, I found-thi-thi-this! BOOMER!!! I miss you so! Why, why did you have to leave?!? He was wonderful. He's a Labradoodle, which is a poodle and a lab mix. He lived here for almost a year, and then he had to leave because his humans said so. Why didn't they bother to let us say goodbye?! I miss him. These days I remember that just last year he was here, and he spent time with me, and.....Oh I miss him! I have to go. This is making me depressed.
*Snnnnnifffffff*-Have a ni-nic-nice weekend! :'-(